Portada Crusades: The Illustrated History

Crusades: The Illustrated History

August 17, 2019

Titulo del libro: Crusades: The Illustrated History

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ISBN: 9781844830404

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( Cristianismo ) Crusades: The Illustrated History THOMAS F. MADDEN

Crusades: The Illustrated History escrito por el autor THOMAS F. MADDEN, y fue publicado por la editiorial DUNCAN BAIRD PUBLICATIONS. esta disponible en idioma INGLÉS. esta catalogado como un texto de ( Cristianismo ) y contiene 224 paginas para deleitarse con su lectura. Registrate ahora para tener acceso a miles de libros disponibles para su descarga gratuita. El libro esta disponible en PDF, epub, audiolibro y muchos mas formatos. El registro es gratuito.

The crusades are often seen as either heroic campaigns by chivalrous Christian knights, or as bloodthirsty imperialist expeditions motivated by greed and bigotry, depending on your viewpoint. In this volume leading crusades historian Thomas Madden attempts to correct these stereotypes, by bringing to the general reader the best in modern scholarship on the subject. The contributors succeed admirably, aided by lavish colour illustrations. A balanced view emerges of the crusaders as men with their share of human failings, but who were motivated by high ideals, albeit ones that we would not share today. The book takes a broad view of the crusades, placing them in the context of medieval society both east and west, with due coverage of Muslim perspectives. It also covers areas other than the Holy Land, as the popes used the crusade as a weapon against Muslims everywhere, pagans, heretics, and even against fellow Christians. This is a visually attractive and highly readable work, that will appeal both to scholars and general readers