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Cya Securing Iis 6

August 24, 2019

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ISBN: 9781931836258

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( Internet ) Cya Securing Iis 6

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Ken Schaefer, Chris Peiris A highly portable, easily digestible road-map to configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting essential IIS 6.0 features.The book is organized around the 15 "MMCs" (Microsoft Management Consoles) that contain the configuration menus for the essential features. The options within each menu are explained clearly, potential problems are identified up-front, and configurations are subsequently presented in the aptly named "By the Book" section for that MMC. Readers will also appreciate the "Reality Check" sidebars througout, which present valuable cost/benefit analyses of situations where there is no single "right" answer. * A checklist for network engineers and administrators to make sure they have configured you network professionally and responsibily * The information needed by networking professionals responsible for configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting Microsoft"s Internet Information Server 6.0 * Cleeraly and concisly identifies those features of IIS that represent the highest risk factors for attacks