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The Well

May 20, 2019

Titulo del libro: The Well

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ISBN: 9781405077996

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( Lecturas graduadas en inglés ) The Well CLARE HARRIS

The Well escrito por el autor CLARE HARRIS, y fue publicado por la editiorial MACMILLAN HEINEMANN. esta disponible en idioma INGLÉS. esta catalogado como un texto de ( Lecturas graduadas en inglés ) y contiene 16 paginas para deleitarse con su lectura. Registrate ahora para tener acceso a miles de libros disponibles para su descarga gratuita. El libro esta disponible en PDF, epub, audiolibro y muchos mas formatos. El registro es gratuito.

Lia and Jay"s grandmother is old and in poor health. She misses her husband who has recently died. She begs her family to fetch water from the well at the abandoned family farm in the hills. After listening to their parents" words of caution about the recent volcanic activity in the area, Lia and Jay set off early in the morning to walk to the farm. On their journey the teenagers meet a variety of people and when they return , it is not just the well water that they bring back to the city.